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The Super Smart Card is a backup unit for Game Boy and Gamegear. It comes with a "Base Unit" which interfaces between your PC and the 4Mbit flashROM cartridge supplied, via a standard serial cable. This allows you to upload Game Boy images from carts to your PC's hard drive, or write Game Boy images to the flashROM cartidge. Gamegear images can only be written to the flashROM cartidge, not backed up from existing carts. Many people have had a hard time trying to get the flashROM cart to work properly with the Pocket Game Boy, while others have had no problem. It seems to work fine on a standard Game Boy or Gamegear though.

Thanks to S. Lajeunesse for the following info and files: contains the original program (smart.exe). This is very time sensitive and is known to have problems with lots of pcs (it doesn't work). is the updated version that is a lot less time sensitive and therefore, works. I have tested the smart2 with an AMD XP 1700+ and it works great! BTW, the parallel port has to be set to standard. EPP will not work. Gameboy games can go into 1 of 4 banks. The banks are 128K (4 * 128K = 512K = 4Megabit). Gameboy games need to have a SSC header before the program recognises the rom (simply use ucon64 to add the header). Gamegear games start at bank 3. I haven't tried a 512K game or putting 2 games. Game gear games don't need any header.

SmarcardGB Smarcard

Comment 1: This is an adapter for Gameboy carts to be backed up with Pro Fighters and the Smart Bros. I think there is another one available for the Game Gear. It basicaly allows the use to use GB carts in place of SNES carts when backing up and I imagine it can send a backed up game to the blank cart shown in the picture to be used with a Gameboy."

Thanks to Schweino for the pics

Smartcardboxfront Smartcard