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Comment by Bung: The Multi Xchanger Our latest product from the MGD3 series is the Multi Xchanger, it connects to a Playstation and allows you to upload files from the Playstation to your Doctor GB Card or Doctor V64jr. Right now it supports all Doctor GB Cards , the Doctor V64jr (both 256M and 512M versions) and Pocket voice (digital voice recorder cartridge). No longer do you need a PC to use our Doctor GB Cards and Doctor V64jr, all you need is a Multi Xchanger and a Playstation. Just insert a CD with GameBoy or Nintendo 64 files into your Playstation and you are ready to go. Doctor GB Cards can be inserted directly into the Multi Xchanger and you can connect the Doctor V64jr to the Multi Xchanger with the use of a parallel cable. All it's features are controlled from the user friendly menu interface which can be controlled with any Playstation controller. There is no need for a seperate power supply, the Multi Xchanger takes it's power directly from the Playstation. To make it even more versatile then it already is the Multi Xchanger is equipped with a flashable bios, so it can be upgraded to work with our future products. This way the Multi Xchanger will never lose it's usefulness.

PC Parallel/Printer Port

The Multi Xchanger has a built-in standard PC parallel/printer port, this is used to connect it to the V64jr (and future products) as well as for communication between the Multi Xchanger and PC (to upgrade the bios). There is no need for special ISA/PCI cards to link the Multi Xchanger to the PC. Cartridge Slot

The Multi Xchanger has an original GameBoy cartridge compatible slot. It works with both Doctor GB Cards as well as original GameBoy cartridges. The cartridge should be inserted face up, forcing it into the slot in any other way may result in permanent damage.

Playstation Parallel Connector The Multi Xchanger has an original Playstation parallel connector to connect it to the parallel port at the back of the Playstation (Playstation SCPH-9000 series do not have this port). ON/OFF Switch

The Multi Xchanger has an ON/OFF switch located on it's side. When the switch is in the up position, it will boot normal Playstation games. When it is in the down position it will enter the Multi Xchanger menu screen if a Data CD has been inserted in the Playstation. Flashing time

One 4M file flash to a 4M Doctor GB card : 15 seconds One 16M file flash to a 16M Doctor GB card : 2 minutes 15 seconds 8 files total 64M flash to a 64M Doctor GB card : 3 minutes 02 seconds