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This unit has a total of 32MBits of ram, and appears to have an expandable port for more ram inside, along with 256kbit of SRAM. It also supports Gold Finger cheats, If you load a game and the unit has Gold Finger cheats in it's database, it will prompt you if you wish to set them or not. It can format floppies to 11mbit, and 12mbit formats, and it supports them formatted in all the sizes that are below 12mbit (1.5mbytes). This copier also has file renaming and file deleting functions, along with cart ripping/dumping, SRAM save/restore (to/from unit, not to/from carts), self test, among a few other things. The bottom cart plugin for this copier is removable, which makes it seem that there may be some form of genesis adaptor planned, or made, for it. It will take files in Super Magicom (SMC) format, and does not support DSP or SFX. A power supply is needed to run the unit, and it retains the loaded game, and SRAM while the SNES if turned off. A Genesis I(one) power supply works fine with it. The copier's menu will only display in Chinese, the menu item which appears to be a language changer, it really to load SRAM. This copier was most likely not mass-produced, if any one has any additional information about it (even if it's just the name in English) please email the owner at Thanks to HoeBot for the info and pics.

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