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Very slim design with a new slimdrive. This unit is made (distributed) by Makko Toys and was sometimes known as the Game Boxer. It still requires an external power adapter. Features: instant save, multiple game load/play, play P.A.L. games, reads SWC/SMC and MGD2 formats, slow motion, Game Finger.

Good points: all the features work great. The games stay in memory even when the SNES is turned off. I could load 4 8meg games and select one to play, then turn the Boxer off/on and select another one. Slow motion cuts the CPU speed in half but increases flickers (for those who haven't had enough of SNES' slowdowns and flickers, ok so this is not a good point). Instant save requires 8meg free so only 3 games can be loaded in this mode. Memory upgrade is a simple snap-in in a little window on the bottom of the Boxer. I had mine upgraded to 32M. The PAL chip a socketted so replacement is also easy. The onscreen menu is graphic and easy to use. The cartridge slot fits American and Japanese carts.

Bad points: the memory is partitioned into 8M each to allow the multiple game and instant save features. If a game is larger than 8M it has to be splitted into 2 files and load separately into each partition. 8M games with extra LAME intros are a pain in the ass for this system. The screen flickers real bad (as mentioned above) in slow-mo, much like the old Amiga interlace mode. NO PC LINK.

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