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Datel Action Replay:
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Comment 1: By FM Trading Company. Its a portable multi system, can be use with any system, including Gameboy and Game Gear About the size of a VHS cassette, has built in 3.5" HD disk drive, a two line LCD display for system function, and a slot on the side for accepting its own type of battery backed RAM cartridge, to play a game from disk, you first plug the RAM cart into its slot, then load the game data from disk and write it to the RAM cart, then, take out the cart and plug it into a interface cartridge for your game system, and plug the whole thing into your video game system and play. to copy a game from cartridge, plug the game cartridge into a special interface and then plug it into Super Twin Star, and select the backup command. the RAM cart size is about 5 AA batteries put together. right now, it only have interfaces for using on PC-Engine, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Game Boy, and Game Gear.


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